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ConveyorBot Documentation

This set of docs is now deprecated and is no longer being maintained. :

New documentation can be found here.

High Level Overviews

  1. Introduction To The ConveyorBot
  2. Unboxing and Assembling the ConveyorBot
  3. ConveyorBot Power Controls

Quick Start

  1. If you don’t have your robot yet
  2. Fiducial markers generators
  3. How to setup the Raspberry Pi Camera
  4. How to setup the Raspberry Pi Touchscreen
  5. How to setup the LiDAR

Basic ConveyorBot Usage

  1. Marker Types and Placing Markers in the Desired Location
  2. Running ConveyorBot
  3. Driving a ConveyorBot

ConveyorBot Usage With Touchscreen UI

  1. Touchscreen Guide and Route management

Doing More With Your ConveyorBot

  1. Visualize with Rviz
  2. Running in Gazebo
  3. Modifying navigation parameters

Support and Verification Of Your ConveyorBot

  1. Magni support

You may visit the Ubiquity Robotics Forum for assistance or more information and tips